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The Legacy of Success

While scrolling Facebook I ran across friends I didn’t remember how we were connected. After clicking the person’s page glancing at the city they live, occupation and special achievements, I thought some of these people have some pretty impressive accomplishments. The truth is that’s only part of the story.

While we are wired for success the way to get there is somewhat misunderstood. Is it possible success can be disguised in failure? The life of Peter is a great example of that. Peter was a close friend of Jesus and after dining with Jesus in the upper room, Peter went on to do the unthinkable. He lied and denied he knew Jesus. Just imagine how this poor guy felt especially when Jesus told him it would happen in advance. Despite Peter failing, he goes on to become the rock which Christ built the church. Peter’s situation is not unlike ours. If you’re haunted by past failures and mistakes, let it go. Jesus knew in advance we would fail and still has a great legacy plan for our lives.

Before going to the cross Jesus knew many people would fail him and even label him a failure. However, it was Fathers plan that Jesus die so that all could be free to live eternally. The ultimate sacrifice and the perfect legacy gift combined for all mankind.

Today I challenge you to fail forward. It has taken me years to get over perfectionist tendencies, embarrassing failures and lack of ability to do certain things. What about you? Have you failed lately? Just remember the Easter story is full of failure and triumph. By the way, it would be nice if Facebook included a section for failed attempts so that we could see people’s road to accomplish their achievements.

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