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The Danger of a Little Success

With a new year upon us, it’s time for us to mentally shift gears. I encourage you to be grateful, but not overly satisfied with the success you experienced in 2019. You see, the danger of a little success can be that we get comfortable with that burst of triumph, and we stop ourselves from further advancement.

Here are some things you can do to avoid complacency and experience even greater success in 2020!


Many of you accomplished some new goals. And some of you experienced tough stuff this past year that left you feeling a bit disoriented. The good news is that we know that God uses all things for His glory! Just because you may not be ending this year where you hoped, does not mean you just settle. Get up and do what you can! Faith calls us into action. Don’t allow your challenges to dictate your success in the new year! We all must take our successes and our challenges to the Lord as we close out this year. Dig deep to discover how the Lord feels about your 2019 and where He is leading you in 2020.

Press pause, and listen...listen to what He says. It may surprise you!


Take a moment and think.

Doing this could enable you to get a breakthrough. But will you pause long enough with your Heavenly Father to consider your legacy journey? Fresh awareness from Him could change your perspective in 2020.

At the end of our lives, others will hopefully say kind things about us and possibly have several tears in our absence. But “Legators” (those that are passionate about intentionally leaving a legacy) hunger for more than that!!!

What are you to focus on for 2020 that will keep you pressing ahead, keep you accountable, and keep you moving beyond “good” goals into God-shaped goals?


So many wonderful women that I meet have great dreams, yet tend to experience little success. For one reason or another they opt to press pause for too long. Then that pause takes them on a detour that leads to complacency and a derailment of their dreams and goals. So when I see them again, they often begin to share “the story”, well… let’s keep it real, they share “the excuses” as to why they haven't accomplishd their goals or remained's a cycle. And if we are onest, we have all experienced it in some way! But order to leave a legacy that will lie beyond us, we MUST be focused and not settle for just a little success. Take these 3 actions to stay focused:

  1. Prayerfully write down your goals.

  2. Reflect on them regularly.

  3. Continue to invite God to lead your journey forward beyond all adversity.

*A fun fact that isn’t so fun: Less than 1% of all people will actually write down their ideas & dreams AND review them regularly!!!


No matter the achieved success and the surprising turns, keep pressing in to Him. Have you gotten distracted? What is it that distracts you? If you make note of it, you are more likely to be able to break the cycle.


Awareness is completely different from acknowledgment. I may acknowledge that I need to do something... but it’s not until I become aware of “why” I keep allowing for the avoidance or delay, that I will see change occur.

Think about that thing you keep saying you “need” to do, but haven’t done it. Why? What’s stopping you? What are you really afraid of? Why are you still holding on to something that you know you need to let go of? What is it offering you?

Remember this: most people will just leave behind “good” memories. But God has biggger legacy driven plans for you! I hope in 2020 you will commit to doing whatever it takes to leave a legacy that lives beyond you!

Happy New Year! See you on the other side of this amazing upcoming year!

Your fellow Legator,

Andrea Moore

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