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Rediscover Your Genius

Growing up a quiet shy introvert was awkward. If I were to go back in time and speak to my teenage self and try to predict where I would end up, there is no way I would have predicted what I’m doing in life today.

My dream was to help people solve their problems. Choosing to become a lawyer was the certain way to achieve that goal. Never in my wildest imagination did I set out to become a life and business strategist. That role came about accidently. One day, I heard about some attorneys struggling to create a life and law practice that was right for them. I instinctively knew how to help so I offered assistance. Afterward, there was a line of people waiting with the same problem. Sometimes “the thing” we organically just know how to do is our genius.

Everyone is genius in some way. Do you know what your genius is? One clue is it is normally tied to a desire to help and a natural inclination on how to do so. Fast forward today, I absolutely love helping heart centered people find their unique genius and package it so they can make more money, work less hours and have more time to enjoy their lives. There is a desire in me to help more people become who they were really meant to be, make the impact they desire and live on their terms.

Whether you’re starting out or have been on a certain path for a while, asking pointed questions is the place to begin getting in touch with your true desires. Think of what sort of things people need help with and are willing to pay to solve their problem. If you find yourself struggling with where you are in life and how to figure out how to discover and monetize your genius, I encourage you to reach out for help. Click here to get a FREE Genius Discovery Session!

Camille Walker

One Happy Lawyer

Life & Business Strategist

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