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Prayer is Self-Care

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

If you are anything like me, you know prayer is a good thing, but probably not a natural priority outside of formal meal intros…

Years ago I used to ask the “more seasoned” ladies in our church to add in my prayer requests during their prayer meetings. I knew prayer helped, but if I am honest, it wasn’t a natural focus of mine.


I then began hitting seasons in my life where I felt a bit “alone” in my battle and the Lord seemed to allow for there to be no other human to turn to and connect with while in the midst of my trial. It was then that I began to talk with Him more, and even then sit still and listen for what He might put on my heart. (Prayer)

In our pursuit to leave a legacy that will live on beyond us, we will face lots of adventures. And these adventures can either try to pull us away from the Father or reveal incredible treasures found with the Lord.


Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! Ps. 46:10 NKJV

Have you ever noticed how great you feel after spending time with the Lord? Heck, how many great ideas have you had just shutting life out for a few minutes - even in the shower… out on a walk… or while on a quiet drive?

There is something significant that occurs when we press pause on the busyness of “life.” Yet, why do we still have to wrestle for a few minutes away with the Lord? If I am honest, I think I sometimes trust more in what “I” can do versus what can be done in a few moments sitting in God’s presence. It’s slightly embarrassing to admit that but it’s true- my pride, my lack of trust in the One who designed my legacy, my self-sufficiency, and even my busyness all aid to me pushing off pressing pause to allow the Lord to minister to my soul.

It’s so strange that I continue to allow for the repeated cycle of avoiding the care for “me.” When I do press pause for a few minutes to hide away with Jesus and pray, I almost always seem to receive such sweet care for my soul… fresh peace, new hope, and even clarity from His perspective.


As we intentionally take steps together as a network, let’s also intentionally block time to pray, to press pause and look directly to our Heavenly Father. He not only has plans for us, but He holds those plans.


Come join us for this upcoming meeting. We will be challenged regarding our legacy. If you have never attended, please join us as our guest. We begin every meeting “practicing” a necessary, yet rarely utilized legacy muscle - being still to hear His strategies and heart. We need His strategies.

So, at this upcoming HLN meeting, listen for your reasons why you try to avoid prayer. You can’t say you don’t have time for it if it’s already strategically scheduled into our monthly meeting, lol. What is holding you back from the One who desires to care for your soul?

Let’s believe to see God remove anything that might hinder us from living our best life…

Love- your sis,

Andrea Moore

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